Countdown To The Big Dam Day! 09/26/2020 07:00 AM 79 Days

Update: 5/29/2020

As the new Event Director of the BDB100, and I wanted to take a minute to update you on a few operational items related to our event. As everyone continues to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19, the BDB100 staff, volunteers and I want to provide you as much clarity as possible during the coming weeks and months regarding our plans for the ride. Everyone here certainly hopes the transition to warmer weather has you thinking about The BDB100!

At present, I have a high degree of confidence that the BDB100 will take place as scheduled on Saturday, September 26, 2020.  As Arkansas and surrounding states implement a controlled phasing-in of business and outdoor activities, I’m confident that will provide a pathway for outdoor events such as the BDB100 to take place without mandatory social distancing and PPE protocols. 

We’re in weekly contact with state and local agencies, as well as the national governing body of cycling events, to ensure we have the most up-to-date data and information on the status of COVID-19 and the impact it could have on the BDB100, but rest assured, we have contingencies ready for all scenarios.

So many of you have contacted us to say you’re ready to participate, and that’s very encouraging! In fact, 86% of athletes involved in a number of sports who were polled across the state, region and nationally, said they are ready to participate in mass outdoor gatherings.  We do, however, understand that some people will choose to not participate in mass outdoor gatherings for a variety of reasons, and we respect their decisions as well.

As has been a standard for the BDB100, registration price increases occur on set dates each year. However, we have delayed the most recent registration price increase until midnight, July 5th.  By that date, Arkansas and surrounding states will have completed their implementation of Phase 3 of the return to business and subsequent opening of local economies, with tourism and recreation being open.

Organizers of the BDB100 sincerely appreciate your past and current support. Together, we will overcome the challenges of this unprecedented time. Until then, I will echo one of my favorite sayings, “All we can do is just keep moving forward.”

Bruce Dunn