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Reserve your rooms for the Big Dam Bridge 100 Cycling Tour. The host hotel for this year is the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock, which is located adjacent to the start and finish lines.

  • The Charter Member group consists of 100 riders. These Charter members have a lifetime entry. Tandems are asked to stage in this Corral for an early start ahead of the main groups.
    Orange Corral Charter Members and Tandems
  • Riders with a total finish time of:
    100 Mile: Finish 6:30:00 or less
    68 Mile: Finish 4:30:00 or less
    50 mile: Finish 3:30:00 or less

    Blue Corral 100, 68, & 50 Mile Riders
  • Riders with a total finish time of:
    100 Mile: Greater than 6:30:01
    68 Mile: Greater than 4:30:01
    50 mile: Greater than 3:30:01

    Yellow Corral 100, 68, & 50 Mile Riders
  • The green corral consists of those participating in the shorter scenic rides.
    All 26 Mile Riders
    All 15 Mile Riders
    Green Corral 26 and 15 Mile Riders
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Countdown To The Big Dam Day! 09/26/2020 07:00 AM 79 Days

The 2020 start location will be Riverfront Drive and Willow St. North Little Rock AR. We will be using a pace based start corral staging system. This system is used to group riders together that will be riding at a similar pace during the tour in order to enhance your safety. You will be assigned to your start corral based on the information you provide during the registration process. Please be honest about your projected finish times.

We will be providing timing chips. Your time will start when you cross the actual start line and stop at the Finish line. The timing system uses a Tag that will be included in the packet. If you wish to accrue a recorded time you will need to attach the Tag to your bike using the included instructions. If you do not attach the tag your time will not be recorded. The recorded times will list your name, registered distance and total time from start line to finish line. It will be listed by A-Z with your last name.

BDB 100 Corral breakdowns:

Continuous start


  • Charter Members
  • Tandems


  • 105 mile: Finish Times 6:45 or less
  • 75 Mile : Finish Times 4:45 or less
  • 50 mile: Finish Times 3:30 or less


  • 105 mile: Finish Times 6:45:01 and greater
  • 75 Mile : Finish Times 4:45:01 and greater
  • 50 mile: Finish Times 3:30:01 and greater


  • 26 Mile: All riders
  • 15 Mile: all riders