Argenta Arts Foundation

Big Dam Bridge Bicycle Tour Finale
Festival Activities and Rider Benefits

The Big Dam Bridge 100 Finale Fest end of tour event is planned to grow into the best End-of-Tour bicycle event in the country.  The event will cater to Tour participants and their guests offering special activities, services, foods, entertainment and shopping opportunities that are certain to please the riders their family friends and sightseers.

Rider Benefits and Services

Rider Benefits – Riders in the BDB 100 Bicycle Tour will have access to end-of-race benefits in the Rider Service Area. These special rider benefits will enhance the rider’s comfort and enjoyment of the festival.  The Rider Number issued at registration is the pass to these free services in the Rider Service Area:

Bike Repair Service- provided by River Trail Rentals at Rider Services area from 6AM until 3PM.Don’t miss out on the ride due to serious service issues -Road bikes will be available for rent before the ride.

Bag Check – Check a change of clothes and shoes for post-event comfort at Bag Check Station located at the Expo check-in before the event.  The morning of the event, check bags at the Poplar and 4th Street bag check tent located adjacent to the free parking area.  All bags will be available at the finish line Bag Check Station in Rider Services.

Bike Check – After the tour is over, check your bicycle at the Secure Bicycle Check area located adjacent to the Bag Check area.

Spray Down – Remove “tour grime” after the race in the spray down tent area.

Changing TentsScreened changing tents will be provided for riders to change into fresh clothes and shoes for greater comfort during the Festival.  Riders may also re-check tour clothing with their tour number.

Massage Therapy – Our Massage Therapists will be happy to work those tired cramped muscles to help riders relax after the event. There will be no cost for this service conveniently located in the Rider Service Area.  Tips are welcome!

Entertainment The Entertainment Stage will be located in the 300 Block of Main and will feature bands providing upbeat entertaining music for your enjoyment.  Tents, tables, and chairs will be located on Main Street in front of the restaurants to allow everyone to listen to the music while you enjoy your adult beverages and food. The restaurants will be open and ready to serve you and your hungry rider when they complete the ride.

Food – Water and snacks will be available for free to all riders at the Rider Services Area. Additional foods will be available at the restaurants located throughout the festival area.  Check out the lunch specials available at: The Starving Artist Café, Cornerstone Pub and Grill, Reno’s Argenta Café, and Cregeens’ Irish Pub. The Argenta Market will be open and ready to serve delicious breakfast at 7AM and the lunch menu is available all afternoon. Be sure to check out BDB Rider Dining Specials at all Argenta Restaurants.

Shopping – Walk around and check out all of the fun things to see at the festival. All of Argenta’s Galleries and retail stores will be open.  The Argenta Farmers Market will also be up and running the morning of the event, open at 7AM and will end at Noon.

Festival Services – The festival features Rider Service Area by the Argenta Arts Foundation, Ambulance services by Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), and BDB 100 Tour Management by DLT Event Management.

Free parking for the festival is available at 4th and Poplar Streets in North Little Rock, AR.

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