The start line will be on River Front Dr, and Willow in North Little Rock.
The finish line will be adjacent the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock.

There is a link for each route to the Map My Ride Website where you will be able to download the the route files in either GPX or KLM formats. Via this same link you will also be able to view the map interactively.You will need a Map my Ride Account to access the GPX, KML and 3D Maps.

If you do not already have a MapMyRide account you can get it now. Aid Station List List contains the mile markers for each of the stations. This list also contains the the closer times of the 50 mile and 68 mile splits, as well as the closer times for each of the 100 mile aid stations.

2017 BDB 100 Finishers Medals

All Riders completing the 32 / 50 / 68 and 100 miles rides to receive

Front Back
2017 finishers medal front 2017_finishers_medal_back